About us


We are Quantum, a holding with solid operations in the country’s electrical energy transmission sector, responsible for major assets in the National Interconnected System (or SIN, its acronym in Portuguese), helping to interconnect Power Plants with Users (Distributors and Free Consumers).


We play a fundamentally important role in the system, collaborating with systemic electricity security and, consequently, with a variety of economic and routine activities, while also allowing for development of a wide range of economic and social groups in the country.


Our work consists of guaranteeing availability, reliability and quality in ultra-high voltage electricity transmission, interconnecting various regions of the nation.


5.321 km

of transmission lines



R$ 11 bilhões


Our action is based on practices that are committed to ethics, transparency, and sustainability. We are agents of transformation to improve the quality of life of our employees, third-party workers, suppliers, partners and the communities where we work.


As one of the largest private transmission companies in Brazil, we prioritize our financial performance and the growth of our operations, through the development of 5,327 km of transmission lines and 51 substations, investing approximately R$ 11 billion.



Transmission of electricity with quality, profitability and social responsibility.

To be one of the leading industry operators in the industry and to
ensure maximization of value with sustainability.

We will achieve our goal through:
• Organic growth (Auctions)
• Identification of opportunities in the market (M&A)
• Efficient management of operations


We value our collaborators

We appreciate and value collaborative work, by respecting and involving people to achieve quality results.

Sense of ownership

We support our team to take on responsibilities. We foster an environment that encourages initiative, seeking results with excellence and efficiency.

Stakeholders engagement

We dialogue with our stakeholders (shareholders, government and regulatory bodies, and communities) while understanding and considering their perspectives.

Ethics and Transparency

We are committed to pursuing our goals through integrity, honesty, transparency, and consistency throughout our entire business.

Health and Safety

We foster a healthy work environment in which employees contribute to a process of continuous improvement regarding awareness and protection of health and safety.

Our History

Founded in 2017, Quantum Participações S.A. is a corporation created exclusively to manage the resources of the Brazil Energy Multistrategy Private Equality Fund held by the Brookfield Group, bringing together a robust investment management structure in the transmission sector.

Quantum is a company whose edge is its capacity to invest in the most modern and technologically advanced installations on the market.

When projects are in the development stage, or rather, when they are not yet operational, the Private Equity Fund holds a 50% share of their total value. When installations begin to operate commercially, the Private Equity Fund is given preference to acquire the remaining share, transferring management, operation and maintenance of these concessions to Quantum.

Research and Delevopment (R&D)

Quantum works with development of Research and Development (R&D) projects that contribute to innovation and technological improvement in the transmission sector, based on good national and international practices in the electricity transmission sector.