Our strategy considers adoption of good practices in both compliance with pertinent regulations and regarding the energy transmission segment and the markets in which we operate, involving review and updating of procedures and guidelines, keeping pace with advancements in legislation.


We are seriously committed to running our business using conduct based on integrity, honesty, transparency and coherence above all. To do this, we operate within the highest standards of ethics and responsibility, pursuant to the provisions of our Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct.


Additionally, in an effort to protect our commitment to these values, we have the Confidential Hotline, a line for making reports. The hotline is managed by a third party and is used solely for secure and anonymous communications, receiving and investigating cases related to irregular or illegal activities.

0800 777 0772

Business pact for integrity ans against corruption

In 2021, Quantum and its concessionaires joined the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption, an initiative created by Instituto Ethos that is aimed at promoting a more ethical market that acts with greater integrity. By joining the Pact, we are reiterating our commitment to stakeholders to have a more ethical and transparent society.


Quantum and its Concessionaires comply with the LGPD, Brazil’s General Data Protection Regulation, and its impacts through a Multidisciplinary Executive Committee whose members include the Executive Board, Controller, Land Management and Environment, Legal and Compliance, Human Resources, and Information Technology.


The Company moreover uses a zero-tolerance approach to breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation under the auspices of its business, while also relying on Data Privacy and Protection Policy that is aimed at assuring compliance with the requirements of the LGPD.